Parsable App

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Parsable is a SaaS startup that offer solutions for enterprises to digitize their workflows.


  • The Parable mobile app targets front-line workers. It allows them to start tasks and fill in forms in a step-by-step fashion.

  • One of the customer top requested features is conditional disclosure. It's the capability to reveal hidden workflows based on user input in the app.

Understanding the problem

From my experience, this is not a familiar problem to me. I came with list of questions to the product manager to get more understanding.

What's the scope, Tom? - skip

At first glance, you may think this is a simple problem. But if you think about potential capabilities of it, it becomes more complicated. For example,

Defining the problem

How can we reveal hidden workflows without distract user from their current workflow? For example, if user is in step 1, and a consequence of their choices will reveal a workflow in step 4. Do the need to know about it, do they care ,will they miss it?


Balancing out distraction-free experience while showing helpful Information as needed.


What's the balance?

Based on my recent visit to a customer, I observed the user environment and talked with users. I was sure this feature needs to be in the background and should not disrupt user task.

As I gained more clarity I started putting together an early version of the design

[early sketches]